Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gathering The Important Stuff

I still haven't packed my pack. My pile of goods to go this time, is very small. No doubts about weight or volume. I hate to, but I have to, check my pack. It exceeds the ever charging Ryan Air's length. That's OK too, because coming home I'll have room for cans tuna fish with vegetables, almond cookies, a nativity scene, etc.

The important stuff is taking my thoughts of family. friends, current and estranged, my loves, my losses, my triumphs and my hurts and tucking them in a space in my bag. As I walk, I contemplate all these wonderful people and events, focusing on each one for an hour or two. With each step happiness grows, pain diminishes. At the end of the journey is an unbelievable peace.

I love my life. I am grateful for all the splendid opportunities that I've been afforded. I have the most wonderful children. All of these great and wonderful gifts will be rejoiced. I will reflect and rejoice in my sorrows too. For if any of them were absent, the journey would have been different, today's destination would be altered.

Peace, namaste, joy.

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