Sunday, October 17, 2010

Preparing For The Journey

Today, I went through all the things I'd gathered to take. When I have a major trip or event of some sort, I start gathering or listing things that I think I might need or need to do. As the time gets closer, I weed out what isn't really needed and review what is. Having done the camino before, I did a LOT of weeding. My pack is going to be totally managable. (Not that it wasn't before).

Today, whilst walking in England's crisp fall air, I realised that I needed a converter for my phone charger. Chances are, I won't need to charge my phone, but that's one of those things, I just don't take a chance with.

I'm debating about my Kindle. I will have plenty of time to read on the plane (not as much as last time -hahahahaha!) I HATE not having a book to read when I travel.

I stood in front of the mirror whilst wearing my pack. Oh my dear friend, I have missed you. I'm so glad that I spent the $$ on a good one before. It was like putting on a favorite glove today. My boots, bought earlier this year in Scotland, have become part of my feet. I look forward to hiking with them. I'm strapping my walking sticks to my pack this time. I'm taking two, but learnt last time that one is better. I may even leave one behind. I wish I could take the one from my last Camino, but it didn't bring it to England with me. Too valuable.

I found the route to meet up with my friend. A train ride will get me there quickly and cheaply. I'll be there before he is that day. I may walk to him just to get some hiking the first day. I may go straight to the alburgue and take a nap. Who knows?

So close. I'm so anxious. I'm so ready.

See you soon my dear Santiago.

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