Monday, October 01, 2007

The Trip's Not Over Until The Blog Is Done

I'm working on adding pictures to the posts. I will also create addtional posts to describe pictures that I've taken that I'd like to share. This is going to take awhile. My journal has been a big help on knowing what was where and reminding me of notes that I want capture on the blog.

And I'm updating willy nilly. A thought or place comes to mind and I hunt down the picture and don't even bother trying to figure out where to begin. If you look now too, it will mostly be people pictures and not scenery. I'm recalling all the friendships. I promise there's a lot of places to see. I just need to keep plugging along.

I'm going back to work tomorrow so this will be an evening and weekend project. I'll send out an email when it is complete.

If you're reading this and I don't know you, clicking on my profile and the email link will provide you with my address. Write to me and let me know you'd like to be notified of the completion.

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