Tuesday, October 02, 2007

To My Camino Friends

Denise, Joop, Eva, Harald, Aleix, Klaus, Jorge, Marlene, Tanya, Anika, Cedric, Denis, Sara, Mino, Baltazar, Jurgen:

A week ago today I entered Santiago. By my calculations you should all be arriving in the next few days or week. I'm thinking about you all. I admire (and envy) you for the distance you have traveled. I hope that you, like me, feel the joy that I felt upon entering the Cathedral and the thanksgiving that lept from my heart for having had the calling, faith, courage and stamina to arrive there.

Jerry, Anne, I will continue to think about you warmly, knowing your camino completion is in your future. I can't wait to hear the stories.

Dominique, Kayleen, Penny, Ziggy - It was fabulous to have you at the finish line with me. How fortunate it was to have us all intersect AGAIN!

You have all, so very, very deeply, touched my soul and changed my life forever. I thank you for being such a part of my Camino.

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