Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Harald made it to Santiago, Sunday, October 14!

He wrote today: " Today something unbelivible happend: I drove with 2 older ladies (from Germany, 61 & 63 years) per rent-car from Santiago to Muxia and Finisterre to see the Atlantic Ocean before flying home on Thursday. In Finisterre we all stopped in a small Bar/Restaurant at the harbour. The two ladies ordered a coffee which doesn't came. So I went into the Bar to reorder. At the Bar there was a man - drinking a Cognac and smoking a cigar - - - Joop!!! Absolute unbelivible. We met the last time in Viana (mid of September !!!). He arrived in Finisterre this morning - per feet ... Yes, the way's of God are unpredictable - and wonderfull !!! What an end for our both Camino's."

Yes, truly this is God's way. We all crossed paths so many times. These two were "the Spain team" keeping me going.

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