Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Walk It Forward

Remember the footprint pins Dwight gave me to give to people on the Camino? They're still walking. A fellow pilgrim wrote to me this morning:

"Looking at the feet you gave me, the lapel pin with the three feet, 'm thinking of giving them away to a friend who is going to walk the camino next year. I already gave her a shell this summer and when I'm are going to meet her again I'm intending to give her the feet under with the best wishes and the desire that if she completes her camino, she'll pass the feet to another Pilgrim. This way, or that way? - the feet always will be walking with one pilgrim or another. Do you give me permission to give through your present? I think it's better for them to move than to lay on my desk, don't you think so. Of course I'll make a photograph of them before saying goodby!"

This is so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

a june motorcycle accident will preclude me from ever making 'the' camino; even the 100km picnickers' camino is not possible. so a prayer answered, a future fortold: While the feet attached to my ankles will never walk it, my little gold feet will. thank you for posting this some 26 months ago. it's another affirmation that God is, and does. and my littlegoldfeet will only walk on because of your perseverance and pain and commitment to make the camino, to gift to fellow pilgrims commemorating their lifelong memory they now pass along to empower others. and so it goes with the perfect circle.

Teri said...

Your littlegoldfeet are noted in many emails still to this day. Every couple of months there's a rash of emails from this person or that, who still has their pin. Harald was wearing his last year when he met Joop and me in Amsterdam. Klaus, Juergen and Gerry still write and speak of theirs. Amazing how such a tiny gift can mean so much to so many. They, more than you can ever know, mean the "world" to me.

I'm sorry to hear about your motorcycle accident. I still remember the ride you gave me in Denver. I have never felt happy nor so free.

Thanks for the note.

Prayers and Namaste