Monday, November 05, 2007

Lessons From The Camino

I'm (happily) learning that you can take a girl off the Camino, but you can't take the Camino out of the girl.

People are still asking me about my trip. The walking, the spiritual gifts, my Camino friends, the country, the lessons, the memories, have not left me.

It actually grows within me. While once the Camino was merely a thought, then a dream, then a reality (and sometimes a pain in the footsie), then a memory, the lessons learned have become a reality of my days. A part of me.

I'm not perfect and in real life I stumble being the person I was called to be on the Camino. But, I've been changed and for the most part it has stuck with me. As did my friends from here while I was on the Camino and have my Camino friends since we parted.

It is beautiful.


klaus trybul said...

Hi Teri,

it's me, Klaus. we met on the Camino. You gave me these walking-feet-pin.
Unfortnately I lost your email adress and guess what - by coincidence I found this page to again get in contact with you.
I have so much to tell which would not fit in this tiny email.
I'll send you a "normal"
mail to get the chance to get more info from you.
My email adress is my name (germany).

It's definately a good feeling that I found you again.

All the best and ...
Buen Camino

Teri said...

I'm so happy to have found Klaus again....a special man. The Camino seems to grow more wonderful each and every day!