Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Walking Teams

I heard the sweetest story. A man and his wife were doing the Camino together. They had met Joop before I met up with him in Redondela and they were part of the group that I met in the plaza upon my arrival. He said he said they both had different athletic abilities. They'd done a trial trip that allowed them to determine the necessities they needed to bring and how to accomodate their different walking speeds and endurances.

He was much taller and walked much faster than she did. For the trip he carried more than half of their items, thus taking on a bigger portion of the weight and he walked behind her, allowing her to set the pace of the trip. This combination freed her up to walk faster and slowed him down so as not to not exceed or push her, thus providing a positive emotional experience for them both.

Smart couple.

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PilgrimChris said...

Hi Teri
Am enjoying your blog so thought i would let you know :)

It's good to see common sense so early on in the couples journey.
With their doing a trial run at things before their camino it meant a lesser learning curve for them.
I am sure within a very few days - if not hours - on the camino it would have worked out in the same manner of course, but this way it also saved potential disagreements.