Monday, January 04, 2010


A post from a friend spurred me to see when I last wrote. And then I saw Klaus' post about May being the last date.

Oh my heavens, I have not updated two, wait, no, three pieces, no wait, FOUR pieces of news.

One: I found Gerry! Or rather Gerry found me! Yes, Jerry is Gerry and Gerry will "finish" his Camino this summer with his lovely wife, Lilly. Just as planned! I will get to see him this year, if my planned trip to Ireland comes together.

Two: I met up with Joop and Harald this last September. At the end of a trip to Paris, I took the train to Amsterdam. Joop lives about an hour outside of the city and Harald came from Germany. We stayed in a hostel and spent a couple of days seeing Holland from a local's eyes.

Three: Virginia / "Ginn", whom I became cyber friends with from having read this blog, has made her Camino and returned home. Thanks to Facebook, we "face" nearly every day!

Four: Javier's daughter and I still converse now and again. She's working in Japan.


Anonymous said...

My va-cay's end of April. So I'm shoppin. Wheres the cheapo'est fare going? Spain. $600R/T Barcelona, WOW!. For fun, checked... $667 R/T Santiago (INCL fees/taxes). You commenced a Camino on MY b'day. How ironic had I gone on va'cay there on yours :o Again, thank you for the post about the feet.

Teri said...

2010 is a Holy Year for St. James. They opened the Holy Door at the Cathedral on 12.31. There will be a lot of activity on the Camino and in Santiago de Compostella this year. Total chaos around July 25. Pilgrim traffic will increase three-fold to an estimated 350,000 due to the Holy Year. You are choosing a very special year to go.

The Camino and SDC had the same overwhelming "faith" feeling that I felt when we were in Fatima. I hope it does the same for you.

If you are there over my birthday you'll be seeing a full moon. Think of me when you see it. I'll be backpacking and sleeping under that same moon in the desert that week.

Teri said...

Well the moon was full, but I was in Scotland, not in Canyonlands.

Funny how quickly and dramatically things can change.

I hope your trip was everything you hoped it would be and everything St. James intended it to be for you.

(And I hope that you weren't negatively impacted by the ash cloud.