Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting My Ticket

I have procrastinated for a few weeks. I don't know what has been holding me back. I called today, sat on hold, my hands freezing. Earlier I'd talked with a girlfriend having set a deadline of 2pm TO DO IT. It's nearly 6pm now. I piddled around doing everything but this.

500 miles in a foreign country, by myself, on a month long stroll is just plain daunting. I can't choose not to get up and not keep going. I have a timeline and a goal every single day. All the things that could go wrong - can't. Stopping mid way will be a bigger pain in the butt than finishing.

This IS the highlight of my life. It will probably be the most significant things I'll ever do. It will be one of the most unique things any of my kids or friends will know of anyone doing.

I figured I'd waited too long. The guy had me on hold forever! When he started giving me dates and times...he had me bounding all over Europe. The man was an angel. I started with a daunting $1500 ticket. Using all my points and buying some too, $500. This wonderful man, got it all arranged for 50K points. Which I had. I'm flying for FREE.

I burst into tears. I am so blessed. So many things have come into focus - it can't not be the thing I must do.